Monday, November 4, 2013

Man Cave Update

Good news!  

We're almost finished painting all of the windows.  Is it weird that they're the only white-trimmed windows in our house? They were different from all of the other windows to start with, so we decided that, no, it would be okay.

More eye candy from J. Adler (and of course, an old stand-by, Tar-get.)  I'm still deciding what photos are going in these bad boys.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Photo Dump

These photos are pretty random.  Prepare yourselves.

Cute nieces on a train. 

We recently road-tripped to Chicago for Eric's cousin's wedding and we had a blast!  It was a gorgeous, vintage-themed wedding (that of course I have no photos of, blerg.)


Oh Uncle Eric.  What are you doing?!  

We had a great time visiting with all of the out-of-town family.  It really is a shame we can't get together more often. We're hoping that everyone will be home and off work for Christmas.  

Happy 70th birthday Thomas. 

My dad's side got together to celebrate my aunt's boyfriend's milestone birthday with not one, but three parties!  We had family in from near and far for the occasion and had a blast.

Annndddd here's a cute parting photo.