Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weekly update

Spring has sprung and we're starting to see signs of it everywhere around 912ELMtree!

We're rounding the corner to third trimester! How fun to celebrate with St Patricks Day and the first day of spring!

Josie also visited the beauty shop and got her first summer haircut of the season.

Finally some of the tulip bulbs that my boy friend planted last fall survived the squirrels and harsh winter. Can't wait to see what they look like!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Baby Style

I'll admit that I *thought* little girl clothes were way more fun that baby boy clothes.  Boy was I wrong! It might take a little more digging and sifting through the traditional baby boy blue/animals/sports stuff, but there are some really cute little man duds out there!

1. Mini Meyer NEEDED these onesies.  Are you kidding me?! "Just plane cute"  It was meant to be.  These are actually a gift from my mom, along with that adorable stripped romper.  [Is that the right lingo?  Onesie + legs = romper? Please advise.]

2-7  My Aunt Kay is a machine when it comes to sewing projects.  Seriously she needs her own blog or Etsy shop.  She MADE those adorable onesies and burp cloths.  How cute are the green chevron and the baby suspenders with plaid?! I can't wait for him to wear all of these!  Thank you a hundred times!

8. Baby shoes could be the ugliest things in the world and still be adorable because of how tiny they are.  These are also from my mom.

9.  Eric's dentist told him about a baby re-sale shop so we checked it out one Saturday afternoon. I loved the colors on this and the too cool bull dog.

One thing's for sure, this baby is not going to be short of clothes for awhile!