Monday, February 25, 2013

Three Cheers for the Captain

You're looking at the first flight for the Cap-eee-tan.   

I was a little bummed that he has a sweater over his captain bands.

"People know that captains sit on the left. It's ok."

Was anyone else aware of this rule (other than pilot and pilot wives?)


Anyways, Congratulations! Three Cheers! Hip-hip-hooray!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Unfinished business

As a result of our mancave project, some of our furniture has had to move around a bit.  I hate making decisions because we're thinking that before all is said and done there will be even more moves.

We decided to take down the current art and shelf to hang something else behind the couch. (You can see it peaking out there on the right.)  

Here's a little project I'm more than ready to wrap up.  I scored these lamps for $10 (for both!)  I wish I had taken a before picture because they had awful 80's pale pink and blue flowers swirled around a beige base.  On one of our fluke warm days, I busted out my spray paint.  I love the pop of color, but I'm having a terrible time finding lamp shades that work.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Health Update

After a doctor visit on 2/8, I'm happy to report that I'm ulcer free!  Praise the Lord and Hallelujah! Despite this good news, I've decided to continue with my dietary changes because I still have gastritis (which is irritation in my stomach.)  I've felt so good for the past month after swapping green tea for coffee, almond milk for dairy milk, less fat, and no soda.  The doctor is also advising that I continue with my medicine regimen.

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, and kind words over the last couple months.  I sure have appreciated them.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Whatever happened to?

Whatever happened to the mancave? Well unfortunately with hubby's upgrade, between his studying and trainings, things have come to a 3 month stall.  Here's where we're at now.

Though I've volunteered several times to finish the paint and texturing job, the mister says that he would prefer to do it.

Here's a closer look.  You can see where the air conditioning unit was taken out and replaced with the small window.  My dad is going to help us fix the other window trimmings and then we'll stain them so they all match.

On my end (once the temperatures improve) I'm going to repaint that little lamp base and the chair to brighter colors.  I'm also on the hunt for a different fabric for new drapes.  Maybe I'll go with basic white. I'm not sure yet.  Those ottomans are also looking for a new home.

Here's a look at the star of the room.  The items on the shelves are ever changing.  Yes I realize there are pictures that aren't right-side up.  Right now I'm using them as placeholders for space and shapes.  We're pretty sure that that chair isn't staying either.  It's reading a bit more traditional than we wanted in this space.  You can also see that the trim around the bottom of the built-in's still needs to be finished.

So still lots of work ahead of us but I'm still very aware of how much better it is than before.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy (Late) Heart Day

Greetings.  I've been on hiatus for the past crazy week due to thousands of appointments, meetings, and dates.  It's been fun but man am I le tired.

Anywoo, my boyfriend was away for the annual day of love.  Instead of feeling boo hoo, I was feeling the love from the other great people in my life.  Observe.

I got several cards from my darling children. Also see that teeny tiny Snoopy figurine?  One of my 7th grade boys ran back to his classroom to get it for me.  Upon observing it, I said "oh thank you, I didn't know that you guys still watched Peanuts!" to which he replied "oh I got it from my granny's house."  Ha ha ha.  Oh children.

See that interesting brownish square below?  One of my kindergartners was so proud to give this to me.  She came to class holding a balled up ladies scarf.  

"I didn't have wrapping paper so I had to wrap it up in my mommy's scarf.  I need that back," she stated.  

I was at a loss once I opened it.  

"I sewed it for you.  You wike [like] to sew things so I sewed this for you!" she said proudly. 

To round out the day, one of my lovely lady 7th graders brought me a cupcake.  Total cupcake count for the day: 2.  They don't count on holidays, right?

I spent the evening with the best girlfriends ever.  Ironically, my friend Christen's husband was working also. It was nice to celebrate friendship love.

Lots of love to all our family and friends reading!