Friday, December 7, 2012

An Answer

As I mentioned earlier this week, I went to the hospital yesterday to have some tests done to see what's been ailing me.  During endoscopy, the doctor gives you anesthesia to put you out while they stick a flexible tube with a camera down your esophagus to look at your stomach.  Luckily during my endoscopy session I got some answers.   

During the procedure, my doctor found an ulcer that was approximately 4 mm in size.  It was not bleeding (which is a good thing!) so he took part of it out to biopsy for the pylori infection.  

From what we pieced together, it's likely that my ulcer was caused by heavy use of ibuprofen due to a back injury over the summer combined with stress.  

For me, this means that I will now be on a medication that reduces the production of stomach acid.  I've also been instructed to reduce my intake of caffeine, alcohol, and milk.  Two out of three of these are going to be extremely difficult for me (just thinking about no coffee gives me a headache and no milk?!!?)  Apparently diet differs from person to person.  There is no research to support that certain foods are "off-limits" for people with ulcers.  

I'm happy to have answers but this no caffeine business is going to be rather tricky!


  1. Hang in there! So happy you got answers...even if it comes with an unfortunate list of off limits stuff!

  2. Aw Lauren, that stinks.. but I'm happy you have answers! Maybe decaf coffee to feel a bit normal?

  3. Thanks everyone. Jodie-unfortunately my info list tells me that even decaf will cause discomfort. I'm cheating with green tea since there's still a little caffeine.