Saturday, December 21, 2013

By The Weeks

I've loved looking at the weekly bump progressions I've seen out there on Pinterest and Facebook.  Early on, I decided that mine will be relatively relaxed-no same outfit or location-just whatever works for us that week.

My *goal* is to update weekly with a bump shot until Mini M is born.  Thankfully I have a photographer soon-to-be-dad who is enthusiastic willing to take my picture.

Also note: Jozie the Ham makes an appearance in quite of few of these pictures.  She just can't resist the spotlight!

Week 26

26-Not the happiest of weeks in our house after receiving some bad news about a family member's health. Please keep him in your prayers. Also celebrating the one year anniversary of my grandma's death.  Mini Meyer couldn't get through the day with out some of her Steak N Shake favorites.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Week 24

24-Finally getting closer to choosing a name! This is a tough decision! Going to be a nail biter.

Week 22 (1/2)

22.5-A very exciting week indeed.  Daddy Eric felt Mini M. kick for the first time! Also, bump alert! Houston we have [proof of] a baby! 

Week 20

20-It's a boy!

Week 17

17-The exciting news this week is that our gender ultrasound is in the books!  We will officially find out if Mini M. has sugar and spice and everything nice, or snakes and snails and puppy dog tails on Feb. 3!  

Also notable is that I felt the first "flutter" kicks on while out to dinner on Jan. 11.  I had no idea what it was at first (was I really hungry? gas?), but after a little research I figured out that it was Mini M moving around!  Baby was also moving like crazy when the doctor was trying to measure the heart rate.  Apparently we have an ansy little guy or gal!

Week 16

16-I finally feel like you can tell I'm PG and haven't just put on a few pounds!

In case you can't see my sign, current cravings: steak and citrus fruits-I've probably had 5 oranges and just as many grape fruits this week, along with a half gallon of orange juice all by myself.

Week 14-End of 1st Trimester!

14-Though my intentions were to get a stunning shot of our last Christmas as a family of two in front of the tree, alas, it did not happen.  Oh well.  I don't look that different anyways. Hey at least I updated the board, right?!

Week 13

13-Our first ultrasound was this week!  Unfortunately Eric had to work but Mini M cooperated splendidly! He/She was moving up a storm in there!  

Also, I've finally put on 2 pounds-not sure if it's the baby or Christmas cookies-but exciting nonetheless.

Week 12

12-Sorry week 11, you were a little crazy and we forgot you.  Also, someday I will have photos for my large frames behind me...we'll just say I'm holding out for baby pics!

Week 10

10-Happy Thanksgiving from the 5 of us! (Photographer Eric, Lauren, Mini M, Jozie, and Wyatt-who is not one bit interested in having his picture taken!)

Week 9

9-Ironically, I think I look the most pregnant here.  Let's chalk it up to bloat!


  1. LOL...I gained 11 lbs my first trimester!!

  2. Lookin' good! Can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl!