Friday, August 10, 2012

Lantern Festival

Last weekend, I went to the Botanical Garden to visit the infamous Lantern Festival with my in laws. Unfortunately, Eric had to work :0(  

If you've not heard of the lantern festival, according to the Botanical Garden's website you can expect "Elaborate outdoor sets crafted of silk and steel celebrate Chinese culture through bold color, dazzling light and striking design. The exhibition offers visitors a unique opportunity to witness a spectacle rarely staged outside of Asia."

Overall, I'd say the event was very kid-friendly.  There were drums and gongs to play, "wishes" to hang from trees, and zodiacs to discover!

These gals had a great time using the maps to be our tour guides.

Art by day, magic by night!

Mr. dragon was made entirely of plates, platters, and teacups!  During the evening hours he even puffed smoke.

All the different facial expressions in this photo just cracked me up.  Playing that drum was so much fun!

Look at all these beautiful wishes, just hanging from a tree!


Overall, a great time was had by all. What fun stuff have you done lately?

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