Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy (Late) Heart Day

Greetings.  I've been on hiatus for the past crazy week due to thousands of appointments, meetings, and dates.  It's been fun but man am I le tired.

Anywoo, my boyfriend was away for the annual day of love.  Instead of feeling boo hoo, I was feeling the love from the other great people in my life.  Observe.

I got several cards from my darling children. Also see that teeny tiny Snoopy figurine?  One of my 7th grade boys ran back to his classroom to get it for me.  Upon observing it, I said "oh thank you, I didn't know that you guys still watched Peanuts!" to which he replied "oh I got it from my granny's house."  Ha ha ha.  Oh children.

See that interesting brownish square below?  One of my kindergartners was so proud to give this to me.  She came to class holding a balled up ladies scarf.  

"I didn't have wrapping paper so I had to wrap it up in my mommy's scarf.  I need that back," she stated.  

I was at a loss once I opened it.  

"I sewed it for you.  You wike [like] to sew things so I sewed this for you!" she said proudly. 

To round out the day, one of my lovely lady 7th graders brought me a cupcake.  Total cupcake count for the day: 2.  They don't count on holidays, right?

I spent the evening with the best girlfriends ever.  Ironically, my friend Christen's husband was working also. It was nice to celebrate friendship love.

Lots of love to all our family and friends reading!

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