Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Whatever happened to?

Whatever happened to the mancave? Well unfortunately with hubby's upgrade, between his studying and trainings, things have come to a 3 month stall.  Here's where we're at now.

Though I've volunteered several times to finish the paint and texturing job, the mister says that he would prefer to do it.

Here's a closer look.  You can see where the air conditioning unit was taken out and replaced with the small window.  My dad is going to help us fix the other window trimmings and then we'll stain them so they all match.

On my end (once the temperatures improve) I'm going to repaint that little lamp base and the chair to brighter colors.  I'm also on the hunt for a different fabric for new drapes.  Maybe I'll go with basic white. I'm not sure yet.  Those ottomans are also looking for a new home.

Here's a look at the star of the room.  The items on the shelves are ever changing.  Yes I realize there are pictures that aren't right-side up.  Right now I'm using them as placeholders for space and shapes.  We're pretty sure that that chair isn't staying either.  It's reading a bit more traditional than we wanted in this space.  You can also see that the trim around the bottom of the built-in's still needs to be finished.

So still lots of work ahead of us but I'm still very aware of how much better it is than before.

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