Monday, August 19, 2013

Bathroom Inspiration

As you can see from a previous post, we're already knee-deep in our guest bathroom renovation.  Truth be told, I'll actually miss the blue tile.  Had it not been cracked in several locations, we probably would have kept it. Too bad so sad.

Anyways, I've been saving bathroom inspiration pictures on Pinterest for quite awhile hoping that they would come in handy.  Take a look.

Barn Lights from Lowes, $39.98

What I like: galvanized sconces lights (we purchased the same one from Lowes,) white subway tile, and a pop of color on the mirror.  Not sure that we'd do pink but maybe some else bold like red or chartreuse.

black bathtub, subway tiles on the wall. have the subway if only i could get that bathtub! and if only our bathroom was this spacious...

What I like: predominantly bright white space with pops of color, the subway tile with gray grout, and the shower curtain (bummer that it's no longer available.)

Here's muh boyfriend with the power tools he got last Christmas.  Lookin' good boyfriend!

PERFECT! vanity, towels, mirror, light fixture, everything.

What I like: light paint with dark vanity and floating shelves above the toilet.

We've already made quite a few choices and are hoping everything turns out.  

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