Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vegas Vacay

About a week ago, I was on my way home from an end-of-the-summer vacation to Vegas.  I had a great time visiting my aunt and spending time with my fam (minus my boyfriend-he had to work.)  Needless to say, I was exhausted from the go-go-go mentality of the city, but I felt like I got to see quite a bit for my first time in Vegas.

Flying (first class I might add) over the desert and mountains

Yorkie Jack was happy to see me

Relaxing in my aunt's gorgeous backyard pool after a busy day of traveling

Little White Chapel.  Don't worry, Luke and Hannah didn't get hitched in Vegas

Outside of Pawn Stars. All the guys were on vacation and we "just missed" the old man.

 Hannah outside of Pawn Stars shop

Wouldn't be a trip to Vegas without a stop at the famous "Welcome" Sign.

 Drinks at the Luxor

Reunited with the guys after their 105 degree day of golfing

 Stop at Margaritaville

Inside the Luxor Hotel

More tasty treats at Margaritaville

Bobby Flay's MESA Grill Restaurant

One of Gordon Ramsey's pub restaurants

Outside Caesar's Palace (don't worry we were inside also.)

Overall this trip was a great way to end the summer!


  1. When are we going again I missed out!

  2. I'm sure if we just say the word, Aunt Debbie will be happy to have us back. She loves to party!