Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dust Bowl

You might guess from the title of the post that we've incurred quite a bit of dust around here.  In the words of my little speech kids "you are cowwwwwwwwwect!"

Eric and my dad worked tirelessly yesterday to hang as much drywall as possible.  They got so much more finished than I would have thought!

Daylight! (6 hours later)

Good-bye beautiful brick.  We could have been friends if you'd gone across the entire wall.  Oh well!

Let me mention that it's a REALLY good idea to use lots of tarps or plastic when dry-walling.  My boys started cutting stuff in the room before informing me that they were ready for my plastic, resulting in this:


Fortunately I sprung into action and got everything covered before they could make too big of a mess.  Unfortunately, I know the dust will get much worse before it gets better...

Now we've got a good barrier going.

We're making progress!

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