Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Foliage

(Insert generic reason for not blogging. I.E: busy, IEP's, messy house, etc.)

Oh my the house is a mess right now!  Let's just say that the mancave is completely bare.  Operation Mancave Make-Over is in full swing!

But we'll get to that later.  Currently I'm loving my fall front porch. 

I can't bring myself to pitch my summer petunias.  Go figure that the one year I didn't end up killing all my fleurs was during the worst drought since the Dust Bowl. 

The one casualty of the blistering heat-my fancy, flameless candle.  Poor, pitiful candle. (Eric actually thought I was trying to be artsy and bought it that way-ha!)

We (and by "we" I mean my awesome boyfriend, otherwise known as my husband) also planted a couple of mums in the empty front flower bed-which you might remember is empty due to this little project

Obviously we still have a long way to go before this is finished, but we really liked the color it added.  And hey, at least it's a start.

Can you believe that this sweet lil' lantern was only $2.50 at Home Depot?  Thanks Home Depot for feeding my other obsession-lanterns.

The plan is to update tomorrow on the status of the mancave.  Stay tuned!

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