Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mini M's Nursery Mood Board

I LOVE LOVE LOVE patterns.  

This is not a secret.  

However I was worried that I was seriously approaching pattern overload in Mini's room, being that we're already starting with chunky, creamy stripes on the walls.  I needed to SEE it to believe it!  To know that I wasn't going to overstimulate my offspring in his formative years with patterns galore.  

Enter Mood Board.

Thanks to the Weekend Homemaker's tutorial, I found that I could download Picasa for free to create mood boards.  You will probably neither see nor hear from me this weekend. Ha!

Seeing all of my favorite patterns together, I'm thinking that it's all gonna be okay!  What do you think?

Source List

Fabrics: (multicolored plaid, orange plaid, gray polka dot and navy stripe)


Dresser: Mint Home for Etsy(no longer available) 

Always Be A Gentleman Art: Good South for Etsy

Airplane Hooks: Urban Outfitter's

Orange and Navy Chevron Prints: Rizzle & Rugee for Etsy

1 comment:

  1. Love it! But you know I love mixing patterns too!