Monday, April 21, 2014

About and Around: Rocket Century

Over the weekend, one of my best gal pals and I visited several mid-century modern thrift shops in our area.  I LOVE LOVE LOVED Rocket Century!  Read: I wanted to buy EVERYTHING.  While it wasn't the largest of shops, they had a great mix of mid-century furniture and accessories.  The owners were also super nice and easy to talk to.  In addition to having (and frequently updating) their Facebook page, the website is user-friendly and actually shows current pricing and sales.  Overall, this place gets five stars in my book!

So did I show restraint or go nuts with my purchases?  Remember, I do still have a baby room to finish people.  I practiced major self-control and walked away with just a couple of accessories.  

Purchase numero uno: this fancy brass magazine rack.  I liked the design and we didn't have a magazine rack.  It will be a nice landing place for all of my catalogs and Eric's flying mags. Bonus:  it's a shiny bling for our stone fireplace.  

(The airplane picture was also a purchase from this adventure, but from a different store. It's a United DC-3.  Obviously, it was for my boyfriend.)

Purchase 2: a fancy brass candelabra.  It's a little difficult to see in this picture, but the shape is really funky.  I dug it. Plus, how cool does it look with my brass/gold sunburst mirror and avacado green lamps?!  I do still need to get around to getting some candles to put in it. Another reason the owner was awesome?  When I asked if candles actually fit, she busted out a candle to test it out for me. 

Now if money were no object, I would have come home with these beauties:

This piece NEEDS to be in my life.  It's also on sale!  I'm really trying hard to talk my boyfriend into getting this.  Having this credenza would allow us to store our china, good silver, and bar ware that in turn would free up room in our kitchen for all the baby bottles coming in the near future.

Mr. Creamy Mc-Dreamy bench would be an excellent addition to our house also.  I see it as a good piece to have in our non-existent entryway.  

The least likely of pieces to pull the trigger on would be these chairs.  The shape of the backs are so cool.  But it would leave us with two chairs too few.  And they cost a lot of money.  But man, they are so pretty.

Thanks so much Rocket Century for an enjoyable Saturday afternoon.  I give you an A+!

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