Monday, April 21, 2014

Arty Mood

Lately, I've been feeling an itch to incorporate more art into our home.  The problem?  Art is expensive! Thank goodness for places like Etsy that allow us common folks to buy cheapish prints.  However, you still have to figure that shipping and frames will cost extra.  In short, more moola.  

So, I've been trying to use some of my favorite prints and pieces as inspiration to create my own art.

Inspiration 1: Pinterest collection of Etsy art.  Specifically number 3 and 8.

Results:  I think they turned out pretty good for my first attempt at painting since my high school Fundamentals of Art II class.  Method: I eye-balled the originals then used craft paper, cheap canvas, and acrylic paint from Michael's. These are currently residing in the kitchen, but I'm not sure they'll stay.  I have hopes of doing an art gallery wall, but I'm not sure where at this point.

Inspiration 2: More Etsy art.  The "&" sign specifically.  It spoke to me. (Definitely in love with the sky scene too, though!)

Results.  I traced a wooden ampersand that I had then played around with different sizes on the copy machine.  Also, I changed the colors since gold is my current jam.  This lovely is residing in the guest bathroom.

No inspiration pic here.  This glass orb needed some spiffing, so I used a gold (more gold!) paint pen to edge the top.  Instant improvement and super easy.

What art projects have you been doing around your house lately?

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