Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stay-Cation 2014

Spring break is now officially over (sob) but that means I can now rehash all the glorious details.  We originally intended to go south for a baby moon (honeymoon before baby comes for those of you not familiar with the lingo.)  However, the past couple weeks had really been tough, so we decided to stay put and enjoy being home together.

Monday started off with Eric tackling the nursery dresser. More on that later.

We did a few more things around the house then used a coupon (!) for some delicious fro-yo. Can you guess which one is mine?

Yep, those orange cravings haven't gone away yet. Mine was the orange and pineapple. Yummo!

On Tuesday we had a city adventure and tried a new-to-us restaurant for lunch then checked out the (free!) history museum.

Eric was in airplane heaven! Funny story: he actually sat in this airplane before when it was on loan to a local regional airport.

We got to check out a riveting exhibit about the 250th anniversary of STL.  This chalk mural of the landmarks was a favorite for both of us.

Pink mid century kitchen-could have been in our house at one point in time!

On Wednesday, you'll notice the decent of my picture taking. I guess I was having too much fun!  Anyways, we had lunch and a visit with Eric's grandma then had a visit with my grandparents and their kitty Jax. He loves Eric's coat!

That night we went bowling with some old friends and had a blast. Eric won both games.

This is where the pictures end.  Boo.

Thursday was my birthday.  My boyfriend took me to Dunkin Donuts (are we seeing an indulgent eating theme for this break?!?) and to look at little boy books.  We rounded the day out with dinner with my parents, brother, and soon-to-be sister-in-law.

Friday-Sunday Highlights:
-lunch with my work friends
-game night with some fabulous com-padres at our house
-30th birthday party for a great gal
-doing every chore known to man on Sunday to get back in to the swing of things!

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