Friday, July 13, 2012

Fun Fabrics

On my quest for new drapery fabrics, I've run across some really neat stuff on, which is awesome for a variety of fabrics to choose from.

Remember this is what the bedroom looked like until I relocated the drapes to the man cave, which I talked about here.


This is what the bedroom currently looks like (nekked and all.)

And this is the headboard fabric (Dwell Studio Botany Floral Taupe), which I'd like to keep.

                    Dwell Studio  Botany Flora Taupe

There's this one by Swavelle/Mill Creek (probably wouldn't go with the pink, but isn't it cool?!)

                                           Swavelle/Mill Creek Satu Berry

These by Claridge:

                Claridge Squiggle Jacquard Elephant                     Claridge Wisdom Jacquard Elephant

Premier Prints (also the cheapest of all the selections!)

Premier Prints Madison Twill River Rock  Premier Prints Brick Twill River Rock  UH-224 Premier Prints ZigZag Slub Yellow/White

And the champagnesque, iridescent Dupioni fabric that I originally had in mind.  My only concern is that I've never worked with silk before...

 Dupioni Silk Fabric Ivory  Dupioni Silk Fabric Gold  Dupioni Silk Fabric Iridescent Butter

Inspiration pic via A Well Dressed Home. The colors are *slightly* reminiscent of the bedroom.

Pinned Image

I'm still on the look out for other options, but drop me a line and let me know what you think :0)

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