Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Project Reveal!

Curious in which project I chose for challenge? ;0)

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Yep that's right I chose the door knob painting tutorial! 

Now, for those of you who warned me about this, it's not that I didn't listen. I thought long and hard about it...

But see how bad these look!  When I weighed my options, I felt even a bad paint job would be better than these scratched up, faded gals.  So I went for it, but only on one set of knobs. 

I used the tutorial from Young House Love.  Here's what went down.

1. After removing the handles (not matching, which was another pro on the list for painting) I used SOS pads to rough them up a bit. 

(Some recommend 200 grit sand paper, but I read that this can cause unwanted scratches.)

2.  Next I used a de-greaser and old rag to to take off some of the shine.  This helps the paint adhere.

3. After letting the de-glosser dry during my lunch, I wiped the knobs once more for good measure.  

4.  I applied one thin, even layer of primer (my preference is Rust-oleum) then applied 3 coats of oil rubbed bronze spray paint. 

My dry time in between coats was approximately 15 minutes, but the can says you only have to wait 10.

Tip: In between coats, it's a good idea to turn the knobs or latches if you have them.  Also, don't forget the screws!

5. After drying for a full 24 hours, I held my breath as I screwed everything back into place. 

I'm totally in love with the transformation!  The jury is still out on how they will hold up, but I'll definitely keep you posted. 

P.S. I actually did two projects, so I'll be sharing the other one tomorrow!