Sunday, July 8, 2012

Important Things To Do=Self Induced Headaches

Uh I'm doing such a mental head slap right now. 

Last night, I started looking for cool new therapy materials and organization tips for my classroom.  I was so excited about all the neat stuff I found so planned to go out and get the things I needed to start those projects early the next morning.

Did I start any of the projects today? 


Did I go out to buy the materials?

Sure didn't.

What did I do with myself then?

Create more headaches for myself. 

To be fair, we actually had moved the furniture the other day.  I like that the sectional seems to fit the space a little better this way.  (The pictures were moved today.)

This change got me thinking about the drapes.  "They're a little dark" I thought to myself.  "I'm just not sure I'm a paisley person plus I'm over the blue and brown business."

Wow don't the drapes really transition well on to the patio?!?!  (Never mind the plastic orange tablecloth off to the side, it won't be staying long.)

Unfortunately, I LOVED the look.  I say unfortunately because look what happened to the bedroom.

It's nekked.

This change also caused me to wonder other wacky thoughts like "hey, I think it would be really cool to have a flying-themed guest room!"  Yes.  All the stuff my husband accuses me of hiding away, right there in full view for all our guests!

But hey, jungle drapes just won't do in a flying room.  I'm not sure paisley is right for it either.  Wouldn't a white and orange trellis pattern be cool?!? (Yes and probably VERY expensive.)

So now I'm left with a mess and a dilemma.  Probably I'm going to put everything back, except the man cave drapes.  But then I need to find and buy fabric for bedroom curtains.  And sew them.  How many weeks til school starts?!

And I still haven't gotten to any of the speech projects.   


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