Sunday, May 20, 2012

Man Cave Happenings

Gooood morning!  With school winding down, I've had some extra free time on my hands this past week and things are movin' and shakin' in the man cave!  From the get-go, I wanted to challenge myself to use things we already had around the house (minus paint and window coverings), so most "updates" you see were completely free!

Starting in this corner, I brought in the little blue table that I talked about here and hung the airplane picture Eric got from his grandpa.  It had special significance to his grandpa because it was the type of plane he learned to fly in the Navy.

Here's a closer look.  I homemade the coaster with a bunch of "M" stickers.  The little dude on the right is a genuine airplane compass.

This isn't that exciting, but it's a definite upgrade from what was there before.  The dresser was given to us by Eric's grandma and used to be covering the little problem area you see to the right from when we took out the bookcase. 

I'm still glad we did it (even if there was no carpet underneath.)  The balance was off since there was only one.  A handyman came out to measure for built-in's (across the whole wall) and we're waiting on his estimate. 

Wavy table was moved out from behind the couch to hold some pictures that used to live at various places around the house.  Wavy came from my grandparents because they got a new one.  I'm seriously thinking about painting him a fun color like the other guys in this room. 

This space between the entrance to the cave and the porch door. I was always weary to put something there because I didn't want it to feel crowded, but it always felt like that side of the room was missing something.

Close up!  I did purchase the little A & W and Kriege pics (which I talked about here) but the New Orleans pic and gold airplane clock were reused from around the house. 

Same deal with this stuff.  I purchased the Northside art, but the "m" and picture were relocated.  "M" is probably going to get a new paint job soon.  It previously was silver and used in a gallery wall until I sprayed him orange.  I'm not digging the orange so it might end up yellow instead.  Or maybe royal blue...

The airplane picture flew in from the hallway and decided to reside in the cave with the other airplane dudes.  My BFF Patty got this for us Christmas and we love the cool details of it!

Finally, sticking with the accidental "flying" theme, the bird pillow relocated from the guest room to the cave sectional.

The unfortunate side effect of moving wavy table to the empty space is that there's now nothing behind the couch for our lamp to sit on.  Ordinarily it wouldn't be a problem to not have anything back there, but this lamp is the only lighting on that side of the room.  Since there's no over head lighting, we kinda need something there.  So I'm on the look out for a table of sorts, as well as some chunky lamps that I can paint. 

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