Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Oh that little yellow tidbit?  I painted it over the weekend, but only after a lot of mulling it over for quite awhile.

I picked this table up on clearance at Marshall's a couple years ago because the rest of the nesting tables that went with it had been purchased.  It was a shiny, lacquered black and it just didn't do much for the man cave. 

Here's a better look.  The color in this picture is reading more greenish-yellow than "sunburst" like the spray paint can says.  In real life, it's much sunnier.  

Huge shocker-the hubs actually liked it!  I purposely didn't tell him about it because he's not much for flashy colors so it was shocking to me when he mentioned he liked it.

Also I forgot to post this yesterday with my thrifty purchases.  I'm thinking this lovely little lady is going to go on the wall in the dining room.


  1. Love the yellow table! I'm enjoying the bright colors you are adding to the house!

  2. Thanks Anna! It definitely makes the house more cheerful.