Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Reason to Celebrate

Last weekend, we celebrated Eric's birthday (September 11) with surprise birthday excursions.  The day actually started off with birthday biscuits and gravy, since he claims we never eat them.

Biscuits and gravy isn't exactly my thing, but I think my boyfriend liked it :0)

Birthday destination #1:  The Museum of Transportation

If you've never been, GO!  It was super fun and a nice way to take in some "outdoor" history.  While the focus is heavily on trains, there are also exhibits on vintage cars, motorcycles, airplanes, and boats.  We had tons of fun walking through old trains. 

The airplane was definitely birthday boy's favorite.

Birthday destination #2: Schlafly Tap Room

I confess, this stop actually wasn't planned.  We ended up there because it was a little too early for dinner.  The website led us to believe that we were going to be able to take tours, but that actually was at a different location.  Oh well.  It was still fun!

Birthday Destination #3: Bailey's Range

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures.  It was de-licious!  Here's their website-Bailey's Range

Yesterday was our three year wedding anniversary.  Poor hubster had to work.  Boo.  But he sent me my favorite flowers-daisies-yay!

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