Thursday, September 6, 2012

Man Cave: What Now?

The room is basically a blank canvas.  What now?  Since it's somewhat open to the dining/living rooms and kitchen, we want it to mesh with what's going on in those rooms but also be a bit more relaxed and comfy.  Here are some things we're considering:
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Built-ins would give us the extra storage we feel the house needs for when our future bebe's come along.  They'd also give us someplace to display our books, trinkets, and Eric's collection of airplanes.
New Trim & Flooring
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As much as I hate to get rid of the current carpeting, it's inevitable.  You might remember back in January when we painted the panelling and took down the existing bookshelf ('cuz he was hanging out all by himself, throwing off the symmetry of the room and he just wasn't deep enough) that it left us with a bare spot.  Check it out here to get a reminder of that headache.  Also the Mister is chomping at the bit to remove our dated, Plexiglas sliding doors, adding fuel to the replace-the-carpeting-fire since neither of the carpets are underneath the doors. 

I love the way this painted paneling looks with the bright white trim and wood floors.

New Furniture With a Better Lay-out

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Before, it felt like all of our furniture was pushed to one side of the room.  We want to strike more of a balance this time around, which might be difficult considering we have so little wall space on the entrance side. 

As for the furniture, I think two separate sofas is going to be the way to go.  Yes, I'm a huge fan of sectionals, but I don't think the room is large enough for it.

It's going to be a slow-going process but hopefully we'll start making some progress soon! 


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