Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Drapes: A Work In Progress

You might remember from this post here that we're in the market for new bedroom drapes since I moved my treasured chevron ones into the man cave.    

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Can you tell by the picture which "look" we decided to go for?

Gold it was!  These (as you can probably tell) are store-bought, clearanced-out from Marshalls.  When I compared the price, it was WAY cheaper to buy them than make them myself.

I'm so happy with the color!  The shimmery gold really worked nicely to tie the mixture of whites and creams together.

Currently, they're a bit short.  The plan is to add a white or creamy bit of fabric to the bottom to give more length and heft so they'll lay better. 

If I happen to find more on my next Marshall's excursion, I might think about getting more and sewing a couple panels together to make them more substantial.  If not, c'est la vie, I'm fine with the way they are now too.