Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Fountain and Chicago!

You may have guessed that Eric and I were out of town again due to the lack of posts.  You would be correct.

Perhaps, you're guessing by the title of my post that the M's latest family jaunt was to the windy city.  You would be wrong. 

Last Tuesday the gals and I went for show #2 at the Muny, Chicago!

Beforehand we went to a really neat little restaurant called The Fountain on Locust. It's a retro place with tons of fancy ice cream specialties, many of the adult-only variety. 

Mary Beth and Myronna were curious about "The World's Smallest Ice Cream Cone."  It was no joke!

I had to try the pretzel cone and it didn't disappoint.  Check out The Fountain on Locust's website.  We gave the restaurant six thumbs up!

As for Chicago! we had a great time.  This was my first time ever seeing the production and the dancing and music were great!  We also had a very pleasant evening weather-wise before all the crazy 100-degree temps set in. 

Psssssssssst! Stay tuned for an update on our latest trip :0)


  1. The pretzel cone looks so good. Glad you guys made it home!! First try?

  2. First time from Boston but then had to wait three in Newark

  3. Still, though, you made it! Yay! So great to see you...have fun @ the lake. I read the napping book to Grace today but translated into French for her. xo

  4. I hope you liked Napping House! So great to see you guys and thanks so much for having us!

  5. So much fun! I'm so glad that we decided to get season tickets this year-I'm having a blast going to dinner and shows every week! Have fun at Aladdin and I'll see you for Dreamgirls!

  6. We'll miss you! Stay safe on your mission trip!