Saturday, June 2, 2012

New York New York

As promised, here's the update from our recent trip to New York City (makes me think of that salsa commercial every. time.)  All the photos are from a cell phone, so sorry for the blur!

  I think this is my new favorite picture.

I kind of knew the pilots so I got VIP picture privileges ;0)

Our adventure began in Newark, where we caught the train into the city. This was our largest cost of the day at $25 a piece for round trip tickets.   Our cast of characters: Eric, Dave, Shane, and myself.

Walking up the stairs from Penn Station to see the towering buildings and flashy lights was just incredible!  Such a change from our Midwestern farm fields!

The day really could not have been more perfect.  We had upper 70's with an abundance of sunshine all day.  I believe this picture was taken in Times Square.

If I ever go back (for an extended period of time) I'd love to see a Broadway play!  In the meantime, just seeing all the ad's was pretty cool too.

Since this trip was spur of the moment, the purpose was mainly to do some sightseeing.  In all seriousness, we probably walked at least 8 miles that day (bring good walking shoes people!)

We really felt New York style pizza was a must at some point in the day.  After asking for several recommendations, we happened upon this place, which had locals pouring out of it.  At the $2.75 for two huge slices AND a drink, we felt pretty thrifty. 

This is also probably in Times Square.  My hand looks silly, but I think it's Eric's fault for jazz-hands'ing in the middle of our photo.  My little drama king.

Radio City Music Hall.  Didn't see any Rockettes this time.  Maybe if we head back around the holidays?

Carnegie Hall


A couple of characters, these guys. ;0)

New World Trade Center, which we did get right next to.  Walking down the streets and thinking about the smoke and flying debris made me sick to my stomach, especially after seeing all the people that were around.  To say it was moving would be a severe understatement.

We ended the day in Little Italy.  This is also another area I'd like to spend more time visiting (and eating my way through!)  Our dinner here was A-MAZING!  It was my first time eating cannoli, which of course made me think of Stephanie Plum.

All in all, besides the buildings, the number of people is what impressed me the most about the city.  Everywhere you turn someone is speaking a different language, wearing something totally cool, and they're all there sharing the same spaces. 

I had a blast, even though my feet are still recovering!


  1. I love visiting NYC! Such a fun time. Looks like it was a good trip!

  2. It was a great trip Anna! Where's your favorite place to go there?