Friday, January 10, 2014

First Trimester Wrap-Up

First trimester of my pregnancy has came and gone-I say this like I'm so far along-16 1/2 weeks, thank you very much! This may be bordering on TMI, but so many people ask me about cravings, how I'm feeling, etc so why not write a post about it? (Or at least that's what I'll keep telling myself!)

Morning Sickness:
Not an issue.  I didn't blow chunks once, which I was super surprised about because I get motion sickness at the drop of a hat. There may have been a hand full of days that I felt "yucky," but I only thought I might get sick once. And that was at the Home Depot (for those of you who might be wondering.)

Oh the heartburn!  In the past I've had ulcers and my GI doctor tells me I have a highly acidic stomach to begin with, so unfortunately heartburn is my lot in life.  I had it mostly under control prior to becoming PG by *mostly* giving up coffee, dairy, and soda, but it came roaring back with a vengeance around week 5.  At this point it's off and on, but I was eating Tums like nobodies business for weeks straight.  Seriously.  Should have bought stock in Tums.

Check.  All over my chin?!? WTH?!? I've NEVER had zits there before.  

Dry skin:
Oh my word, I don't know if we're having an extremely dry winter but my skin is like sand paper!  Another thing I should have invested in: Curel lotion.

At least this is a somewhat fun category!  It's really surprising to me how quickly these have changed.  Over the coarse of the first trimester I've wanted: roast beef deli sandwiches (really ALL deli sandwiches,) Eggs Benedict, Caesar salad, brownies, sausage, lasagna, steak, and beer (!?!?) For those of you that don't know, I don't even LIKE beer!  Obviously there are several of these items that I've not been able to indulge in because I'm trying to follow all the guidelines (sorry beer!) but other things I've been doing in moderation.

Let me reiterate, I did not have morning sickness.  However that increased sense of smell really discouraged me from eating lots of things that I typically enjoy.  I didn't want anything creamy. Potato or butternut squash soup.  Ice cream.  Cream cheese.  The idea of eating broccoli wasn't very appealing to me either.

I think that's probably as far as I'll go without getting too personal. :0)

Pregnant and/or mom friends, what kinds of cravings are/did you have during your first trimester?

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