Thursday, January 9, 2014

Furry Visitors

Over the Christmas holiday, we had the pleasure of hosting Eric's sister and brother-in-law from Phoenix, along with our fur-nephew Enzo.  Seriously they were some the nicest and easiest house guests we've ever had!  They vacuumed, replaced the food they ate, and showered us with gifts (coffee, a slick new toaster oven, and a Groupon for carpet cleaning.)  Jodie and Jason, you guys rock!

It was a bit of an adjustment for my furbabies (let's just say Jozie did not provide the warmest of welcomes for her cousin and Wyatt was MIA for the majority of the week.)  Poor Enzo was sweet as could be, but apparently Jozie felt the need to protect me, her food, the cat, the bedrooms, etc.  Many areas of the house were off limits in her book.

Just like Caesar (the Dog Whisperer) says, walks are key!  We had to wear out the hounds so that they Jozie wouldn't have enough energy left to snarl and bully.  Caesar talks about integrating them into a pack by walking together because of the hunting mentality that walks provoke.  Caesar, you win again!

Eventually everyone settled their souls and got along (picture us singing "Why Can't We Be Friends?" at the beginning of the week and "Kumbaya" by the end.)  Even Wyatt made brief appearances!

Did you have visitors over Christmas?  If so, how'd it go?

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