Monday, January 13, 2014

Guest Bathroom Reveal

We sneakily gutted and redid our bathrooms.  Both of them.  Surprise!

Time travel yourself back to early August.  Eric and I had been talking all summer about redoing the guest bathroom but didn't really feel like we had the time to do it.  We bumped into the contractor who did the majority of our kitchen and he said he was free at the end of the month-score!  Bathroom here we come!

Click on over to my house tour to see the before pics of the "blue bathroom."  

Bye bye blue tile!  This bathroom was a total gut job with new dry wall, tile (floor and shower,) fixtures, toilet, and vanity.  A fan was also installed along with electrical outlets, neither of which we had in here before.  We wanted to do something fairly neutral, so the walls are a soft grayish white (which is kind of hard to see here-paint color is Simply White by Benjamin Moore) and all of the subway tile is bright white with soft gray grout.

We chose subway tile that goes all the way up the wall mainly just on a whim, but we're thrilled with how it turned out! Despite my previous dislike of the finish, we went with all chrome fixtures.  I think they look very clean and modern against the white finishes.  The tub was also re-glazed and man did that make a huge difference!

Accessory rundown: Target (soap dispenser,) Johnathan Adler for JC Pennies (candles and rug,) Etsy (airplane art)

The light over the mirror was probably the decision I hem'ed and haw'ed over the most, mostly because it's actually an outdoor light.  I liked the industrial feel it added to the space, but wasn't sure if it really provided enough light.  I was also thinking of resale, but ultimately that's an easy fix and if I need to change out my $39 Home Depot light when we move in five years, that's okay by me!

The floor tile was one of the things we decided to spend a little more money on since this is such a small bathroom.  It reads gray/white/slightly griege and is made of porcline.  (It's hard to see, but I'm still IN LOVE with the pattern in the rug, swoon!)

Next up: the master bathroom, aka the "pink bathroom"

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