Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I love...LAMP!

(Couldn't resist the bad Anchor Man reference!)  

Anyways, I've been pining after this gorgeous West Elm Industrial Table Lamp for forever and a day.  Thanks to some Christmas money, I was finally able to snag it (with the help of a 20% off coupon!)

Also notice the new filing cabinet.  A good chunk of my snowy Sunday was spent organizing this puppy.  That is of course, after my boyfriend willingly put the wheels on for me! For a while I'd considered wanting to paint a filing cabinet to look like this, but I think I'm happy to let the lamp steal the show.

Here she is up close.  Isn't it just such a happy color?! I like the "pop" it brings to the space.  (That space being the back side of the man cave, to provide you with some orientation.)

What fun colors have you added to your small spaces recently?

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