Friday, January 24, 2014

Guest Room Updates

Our house is currently being de-junkafied.  That's probably not a word, but that's what's happening.  Our "donate" pile is outrageous with things that we honestly know we haven't touched a year.  We've been shuffling around the closets to make space for Mini M. In the process, I realized that I haven't shared the updates to the guest room.

Check out the House Tour to see how it started out.

You can see that I moved the curtains that I made for our master bedroom in here.  They felt a little more fun in here.  The wall color stayed the same, so basically we just made some changes with the furniture arrangement and accessories.

See those tiny little airplanes inside my lamp?! Isn't that fun?! Eric's mom had those for his graduation party and gifted them to us.  After long debating what to do with them, I found this fun lamp that you can put stuff in.

More accessory change-ups.  I found that globe in a vintage shop for $12!  Despite being a little dated (it still shows the Soviet Union rather than Russia) I think I still adds a lot of charm to the space.  I'm also very pumped that I haven't killed my jade plant yet!

These tables used to be in my grandma's house and I inherited them when she passed in March 2013.  I'm not sure what I'm doing with these yet (if anything.)  They are a little worse for the ware and could definitely use a good sanding and staining, but I've also thought about painting them or possibly dipping the legs in a funky color of paint.

You can see we also decided to forgo the DIY headboard from before. 

Finally, we relocated the larger Italian photo from the living room in here along with the picture painted by Eric's grandma (it's a picture of Eric and his brother Sam playing on the beach in Florida.)  Since the room is for guests it's kind of taken on a bit of a travel theme almost, so both pieces seemed very appropriate for in here.  You'll also notice that we've saved all of our travel soaps/shampoos/etc in the glass jar.  I think it's a nice touch for guests that don't want to bring toiletries.

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