Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Showers

The story goes that April showers bring May flowers.  Right now they're just bringing me headaches!  Most of my on-going porch projects are dependent upon being able to take stuff outside to paint, moving things outside so they're out of the way, etc.  I know there's really no hurry but I HATE when things take for-ev-ur, for-ev-ur (are you thinking about The Sandlot now?)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  My kids finished their state standardized assessments on Friday, rounding out a LONG week.  Eric and I played trivia on Saturday night with some good friends.  I LOVE TRIVIA!  We didn't win but did pretty decent. 

Anywhoo, if you follow me on Pinterest you might have figured out what I'm working on over here.  If not, allow me to show you some recent inspiration.

(also from

Aren't they just gorgeous?!?!

I especially liked the idea of doing the hemp lanterns and I even had *all the stuff* on hand! (*I modified a pinch, using the leftover fabric stiffener and flour mixture from the Easter project I made here.)  It didn't work.  Probably because, duh, I changed the sticky stuff recipe.  I found that the hemp was too heavy and fell off of my bouncy ball.  So I switched to yarn and SHAZAM it worked!  Only problem was, it really wasn't the color I was going for.  Now you can understand why the April showers we've been having are testing my nerves.  They needed, wait for it, glossy white spray paint!

Here's where I'm at so far.  Think of this as a teaser.  It's not finished yet because it needs more paint and the light hanging kit.

Cool, huh?!

Darn having parent-teacher conferences two nights this week until 8:00 PM!  I probably won't get back to these anytime soon because I've also been put on trim painting duty.  YAY trim!  We had intended to get trim as our joint Christmas present, but we just got around to buying it.  Now my job is to paint so the Mr. can put it up.


  1. Love the light idea! You are so crafty! I would have given up by now!