Sunday, April 8, 2012

Envelope Pillows, No Sew Style

Happy Easter everyone!  I'm hoping to crank this post out before meeting my fam at church.  Eric and I have accidentally taken on yet another project that's been keeping us busy for the majority of our Easter vacation-more to come on that later!

You'll notice off to your right the beginning of a little grouping of throw pillows (I can't take credit for the blue one-that's a Marshall's find.)  Our office was overflowing with remnants of drapery fabric that I've been wanting to use up and I had some old pillows sitting around in the closet. 

I was tired of ripping seams every time I wanted to change my easy-peasy Home-Ec pillows (you know the type: sew on three and a half sides inside-out, turn right-side out, stuff, then finish by hand.) 

Rather than reinvent the wheel and type out all the directions, I'll just say that Texas Cottage had great directions that were super easy to follow.

Here's the first one I did on my sewing machine.  Easy enough.  Until Ethel (as I lovingly refer to the sewing machine) got a case of the shakes and needed to take a rest.  Ethel and I have a love-hate relationship.  Oh I was not happy with Ethel.

Enter this lovely invention.  I typically have at least one pack of this stuff on hand.

I followed the exact same directions as before, substituting the Heat N Bond for the sewing.  It took me half the time and I actually think that my no-sew pillow looks BETTER than my sewn pillows!

So for now, Ethel's sitting side-lined while Heat N Bond and I are BFF's. 

Have you ever tried no-sew pillows?  What other excellent projects do you use it as a sub for sewing?

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  1. I have some no sew! check out my DIY section of pinterest