Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We have a screened-in porch.  Pretty much, we moved in, plunked some stuff down in there, and haven't done anything with it since.  Until now.  But I'm not showing you that stuff, yet.

I love the glass windows.  It's hard to see in these pictures, but each panel actually tilts out.  Something that I do not love is the outdoor carpet. 

This is the furniture that Eric's grandmother gave us. Apparently it used to be bright white but when she had it repainted, the handyman said the store was out of white spray paint. Gasp! Out of white spray paint?!?!  The set has oodles of charm, but the peach color needs to go! 

Mr. light in the corner looks semi-cool in the picture, but in real life is a rusty mess.  I really did want to salvage him but the poor guy was in bad shape.

So there you have it.  The before.  Stay tuned for the updates!


  1. Lauren,

    I love the furniture and yellow is my favorite color! I also would like the furniture to be white, however I would have never picked the peach, but it does bring out the brick. What would happen if you brought out more of the deeper oranges in the brick? It might make the whole room pop? I also agree with the carpet. On our screened in porch, I painted a "carpet" on the floor. It is in earth tones with a red bud leaf motif. Our yard has lots of red bud trees, so it seemed to fit. Interested in the updates you will make. Alison :-)

  2. Wow you painted your floor?! I am gearing up to do something "similar," that is if I can get the hubs on board. It's interesting that you say that, about working with the orange. Orange is one of my favorite colors and I LOVE REDBUDS :0)

  3. Lauren,

    If I figure out how to upload a picture on this site, I will to show you. It is nothing fabulous. I repainted it last year; before that I had a green and yellow motif painted "carpet". I am excited to see how you transform your porch. Alison :-)