Sunday, April 29, 2012

Porch Update

Again with the rain! Porch painting projects are still not being accomplished because of the impending danger of more storms. 

I did have an indoor project waiting for me, however.  As you could see from this post here, I've been thinking about doing something with lanterns and I even DIY'ed one myself.  My interest was caught the other day when I saw these on Pinterest.

I thought it might be fun to mix some of these with lanterns.  They're actually very simple to make.  All you need is tissue paper and a pipe cleaner (or florists wire, if you have that on hand.)  I really wanted gray pom poms but apparently it's very difficult to find! I could order it online, but I don't want it that badly.

Anyways, I followed this tutorial here at Design Dazzle and found it to be very easy to follow.  Feeling very accomplished on this rainy Sunday, I dashed to the porch to see how everything would look together and. I. don't. like. it. 

I like the concept of this idea, but I think using all white is where I went wrong.  It just looks a little too bridal/wedding.

The textures look awesome together, I'll admit, but the all white isn't working.  Wishing now that I'd gone with the gray.  Maybe I'll add some of my other accent colors to it and see what happens.  I am going to try a couple more arrangements to see if I like that better. 

In other porch news, these little guys recently took up residency on the porch.  Aren't they cute?  I am planning to re-pot them soon.

This is one of the fabrics I'm working with.  I really love the geometric pattern.

So it's back to the drawing board on the lighting front.  (Originally I'd thought I'd get a light kit for the DIY'ed lantern, but a friend pointed out to me that all the materials I used are highly flammable, so I decided against it.)

Here are some options I really like from Pinterest

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