Saturday, April 28, 2012


As promised, here are the "after" pictures of our new trim!  As you'll be able to tell very quickly, I was at a loss as to what pictures I should choose to best show it off.  My pictures might seem a little, strange since they'll be mostly of the floor region. 

The white really pops against so many of our neutral paint choices.  In our living/dining room we have a faux molding at the top (which is actually plaster) that we painted white from the get-go.  Eric likes the way the dark furniture contrasts with the white.

Here's a better look at that faux molding I was talking about.  Less orange-y wood in the house=score 1 for Lauren!

I was super impressed with the corners!  Granted this is not the best picture, but I think it looks pretty darn professional.  Score 1 for Eric!

White trim has made the biggest difference in this room!  I LOVE the creamy white stripes, white trim, and white curtains.  The brown trim was definitely bringing this room down (see the House Tour page to remember what it looked like before.)  So soothing.

White trim in the guest room.   This was the one room in our house that I actually didn't mind the orange-y trim because it complemented the aqua paint nicely.  After all, blue and orange are complimentary colors (thank you Mrs. North-still carrying art class facts with me after all these years :0)  However, the white in here is still superior to the orange faux wood, times a gagillion!

Our bedroom is the other winner winner chicken dinner, with the prize for biggest impact made by white trim.  Ignore the ugly lamp cord and gaze at the beauty that is white popping against our gray paint.  Gray + white = LOVE.

We're super impressed with how much this relatively inexpensive project has impacted the took of our house.  It just looks so much cleaner and fresher.  Another bonus was that we didn't use all the trim and had a whole, unopened pack to return for more $$.

Hubs even admitted, "if I'd known how good it would look, I would have done it a lot sooner."  He proceeded to comment that after this success, he's ready to tackle the bathroom (his exact words were "if I hadn't run out of time, I was so tempted to rip apart the bathroom.")  I'm going to have to call his bluff on this one.  For now. :0)

Have you done any trimming projects lately?  What are you using your left-overs for?

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